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Very experienced chiropractor based in Redhill with over 20 years experience of helping 1000’s of people in pain and improving their health.
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About Dr. Teresa White Chiropractor

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes us to die,

and chiropractic is the study of health and what causes us to live!”

Dr. Teresa White is officially registered with the United Chiropractic Association and the General Chiropractic Council.


Teresa White, Doctor of Chiropractic, completed her BSc degree at the University of Toronto in Canada.

She moved to England in 1992 to study a five year chiropractic degree at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) where she obtained an honours degree BSc (Human Sciences, Honours) and a MSc (Chiropractic).

Teresa's desire and passion to help others came from her own personal struggle to get help in many areas of her own health.

Suffering from migraines, dislocating knees, scoliosis and lack of focus she went on a relentless search for answers.


After getting help from the 10th professional she saw, a specific type of chiropractor helped resolve her health issues.


As a result she now practices in a specific way to help others with the above issues plus many more, and with her 20 years experience  she is getting amazing results.

Teresa White, chiropractor can help people of all ages from 2 days old to 92 years old.

Chiropractic services
Price list

New Patient Examination £55

Adult Treatment      £38

Under 16 years old  £32

Online new patient consultation £50

Ideal if you are unable to travel

Lidia Evans

Over the years I've been to different physiotherapist, osteopaths and even to other chiropractors. I always had the impression they didn't really care. They were only doing the job they've been trained to do. I needed someone that was passionate about treating her patients, someone born to do this kind of job.

And then I found her !


The answer to my pain and struggle is: TERESA


I've been seeing her for six months now and she's done so much work on my back that I feel a new person.


I can hold my baby, do my job, do the housework. All this without having to give my back a single thought.


I am still a work in progress, but with so much dedication and willingness from Teresa I'm sure I won't be needing painkillers ever again !

Marilyn Bullpit

When I was 19 years old i was involve in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury.


During the following years my  neck became more painful. I had a problem turning my head as I found it was stiff and got stuck.


Since having sessions with Teresa I am now able to turn my head freely without pain and the difference it has made to my life is amazing.


I have suffered all these years because I thought there was nothing I could do.

How wrong I was. Thanks Teresa!

Andrew Harvey

This diagnosis and especially the mention of arthritis was a bit of a wake up call. So here we are after a year and some treatment on my back and it's definitely improved.

To summarise I would say, apart from 'thank you' to Dr. Teresa, that one size does not fit all and the individual treatment I received hands on was effective for me. The powerful treatments given to my back have done the trick.

I have appreciated the personal treatment and its beneficial affects and also the more holistic approach taken by Dr. Teresa. Specifically the lifestyle, diet, suggested programme of exercises etc. etc.

I guess like most people I want to keep healthy and active whilst I have nothing against stamp collecting, I'm just not ready for that yet.

So as long as I keep the body in some sort of shape and with the help of Dr. Teresa...

Active life continues.

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